Zeolite the perfect natual infil to help combat dog urine odours

Artificial grass has been used by dog owners in their gardens for over 10 years affording them the benefits of a mud free environment for their dogs to use all year round.

For single dog owners and owners of small/medium breed dogs this has been trouble free. However for those with larger or more than one dog in the household or artificial grass used in a commercial environment such as kennels problems with urine odour can start to occur.
Regular flushing of the area with water will help but once the urine has dried the urine turns to crystals. It is these uric acid crystals which in humidity or heat release the ammonia which causes the bad odour. As artificial grass get up to 6 – 10 times hotter than natural grass the occurrences of these smells can be noticed during summer.

Zeolite is a 100% natural product meaning it is totally pet and child friendly. It was formed millions of years ago around volcanic areas in the world. The unique way this product evolved gives it amazing absorption properties due to its molecular lattice structure. It relies on the scientific process of Cation Exchange Capacity which basically means it acts like a molecular sieve, being negatively charged, trapping the ammonia and stopping it producing the bad smells.

For dog owners this Zeolite infill can be mixed with our normal silica sand to provide the perfect solution to combatting the build up of uric acid crystals and therefore the nasty smells.

We would also recommend one of our C-shaped products. Most artificial grasses can get up to 10 times hotter than natual grass. Therefore choosing an artificial grass designed to stay cooler is an advantage as its the heat that caused the release of the urine odour. The c-shaped yarn used in our Classic and Traditional products reflect the heat and stay between 20% – 30% cooler than similar products on the market.



Having over 25 years in the synthetic industry we like to think we know a lot about artifical grass whether for sports, play or gardens. There has been some speculation spread recently regarding latexed backed carpets absorbing urine. These rumours have been started by American carpet producers who want to break into the European market and cannot produce latex backed carpets. Latex backed carpets are non porous. If you bought a pair of latex gloves you wouldn’t expect then to soak up water? Water cannot pass through them. That’s the reason they have drainage holes punched through the latex backing.