Compared to natural grass Sowgreen is virtually maintenance free.

However, to ensure that the beauty of Sowgreen can be enjoyed year after year, we would recommend that leaves and debris are cleared from the surface as regularly as required. A stiff yard brush is ideal for the task in domestic gardens, or a leaf blower for larger areas. Please note this is one of the main benefits of Sowgreen. It’s simple bladed construction makes debris removal very easy.

Dependent on your surroundings occasionally stray seeds may blow over and land on the Sowgreen carpet. If any weeds appear, rest assured they will be growing in and NOT through the carpet, and can simply be pulled or treated with a proprietary brand of weed killer, without harming the Sowgreen.

If at any point you require to more thoroughly clean the Sowgreen carpet, you can simply hose it down. You can even use cleaning wipes and disinfectants if you wish to.

Sowgreen artificial grass was not only designed to look like real grass but also to make after care as minimal and simple as possible, leaving you free to enjoy it.