SowGreen® artificial turf – sit back and enjoy it!

If you want all the beauty of natural-looking lawn without the hassle or effort, then you’re in the right place. No more cutting, watering, feeding or garden waste to worry about – simply lay SowGreen® – or let us lay it for you – and enjoy beautiful, natural-looking green grass all year round.

The beauty of SowGreen® artificial turf

  • A superb appearance from day one – no bedding in period.
  • It’s child and pet friendly – it won’t graze skin, thanks to the non-abrasive polyethylene yarn.
  • It’s hard-wearing and easily cleaned.
  • It won’t fade in the sun as it’s totally UV stable and has proved its durability in some of the hottest countries.
  • It comes with an 8 year manufacturer’s guarantee and you’d expect to see a life span of up to double that in a gentle leisure environment.

Achieving the right look and feel

Sowgreen ® artificial turf comes in various depths and styles so there’s an artificial grass that’s right for you.

All Sowgreen® artificial grass is designed to be dressed after installation with a small amount of specialist sand which has various benefits.

The sand infill acts as ballast which gives extra weight and stability to the carpet. This allows Sowgreen® artificial grass to be laid WITHOUT the need for timber edging which saves cost and complications.

It also allows you to enjoy Sowgreen ® artificial grass as it should be with flowing curved borders like a natural lawn.

The sand infill also helps to protect the backing (essential if you have dogs) and helps to keep the carpet upright.

The sand will also aid with the drainage of the area leaving you to enjoy your new artificial lawn sooner.

Finally we only sand dress the carpet with 8mm of sand so its not visible after installation and won’t migrate to anywhere else as the fibres hold it in place.

The Selection

Original (32mm)

This is our most economical artificial grass but don’t be fooled it is still as good as they get. With a diamond shape yarn, integral brown thatch and colour tones taken from our very first product our original artificial grass just got better. At 32mm it offers great value.

Traditional (36mm)

Slightly longer and incorporating the latest C-shaped yarn technology the Traditional comes in at 36mm. Again the trademark brown thatch is blended with 2 natural green tones for a great look. The C-shaped yarn allows for maximum recovery so is  agreat choice for active families or pet owners where your new artificial lawn will receive more footfall.

Classic (36mm)

Simliar in construction to the our Traditional the 36mm Classic incorporates the same C-shaped yarn technology, which give the grass maximum recovery properties. The only difference is the colour tones used which offer a more vibrant fresher look. An ideal choice for a shady garden or those wanting to make a statement.

D-Lux (40mm)

Finally our D-lux. If you’re looking for a soft artificial grass this is the one. Incorporating a diamond shaped 42mm yarn this is the longest artificial grass in the range. The extra length and yarn type make it super soft. The green tones are more subtle than our Classic and similar to our Traditional.