It’s nice to know in this day and age that there are still companies that pride themselves on providing a first class product as well as service and are happy to fly the flag.

Sowgreen® was launched in 2005 by Technical Surfaces Ltd who have been involved in the Sports and Leisure market for the last 25 years. The launch was preceded by years of research into finding the perfect match of natural looks, feel and ease of care. In partnership with Bonar Yarns , a Scottish company based in Dundee, this match was found in the form of Sowgeen®.

What makes Sowgreen® unique, apart from the fact it’s made in the UK, is that is replicates the grass colours found in the UK, combining both a light and slightly darker yarn to ensure it looks natural both in the summer and the winter. This constrast’s with astroturfs from abroad which tend to be too dark.

But where the difference can really be found is that Sowgreen® is produced by a company who’ve been making artificial grass for over 20 years. Tried and tested and proven in the field, Sowgreen® has a pedigree. Manufactured under ISO conditions, fully UV stable (eg. it won’t fade in the sun light) and fully guaranteed…why compromise.