Will the artificial grass graze skin like the astroturfs of old?

No the polyethylene used in production is extremely skin friendly and has a much lower abrasive index than similar products making it ideal for children and pets.

Will the artificial grass fade in the sun?

No. The yarn is tested for UV stability under extreme conditions in the factory. It has been supplied all over the world, including the Arab Emirates

Does the artificial grass let water through?

Yes. There will be no detrimental effect on the existing drainage of your garden. The SowGreen® backing is punched at 100mm centers with a small drainage hole. Indeed the use of the sand infill may help to dry out your garden quicker!

How long will the artificial grass last?

The properties of the yarn used are similar to that used in sports applications where the average life span of a pitch is 10 years. Therefore you would expect to see a life span possibly double this in a more gentle leisure environment.

Is the artificial grass guaranteed?

Yes, SowGreen® comes with an 8 year manufacturer’s guarantee in Domestic Settings and 5 year for all other applications.

Is SowGreen® easy to install?

Yes. As you will see from the ‘FITTING GUIDE’ it couldn’t be simpler. Simply remove the existing turf, level the area with some sharp sand, lay a weed membrane and then roll out your SowGreen®.
Our fitting guide is available as a pdf document, you can also watch the installation video. If it still looks like too much, don’t worry we’ll fit it for you anywhere in the UK.

Will pets damage SowGreen®?

SowGreen® is very hardwearing and colour fast. Urine will not fade the carpet and any areas of mess can be cleared away and sprayed with a disinfectant and/or washed clean.

Will SowGreen® set on fire?

No. The yarn used will not support combustion but simply melt under extreme heat. The effect of fire damage is reduced further by the sand infill used and any damage will be normally be confined to a localized area.

Is SowGreen® slippery?

No. Even though SowGreen® is soft to touch, the yarns used are designed to give excellent traction in both the dry and the wet.

Can SowGreen® be laid on slopes?

It is fine to lay SowGreen® on gentle slopes but severe slopes may be a problem as the sand infill used may move slightly in heavy rains. As a guide, if you can walk up the slope then it would be acceptable to lay SowGreen®. For steeper slopes contact us for information about alternative surfaces.

Can I park cars on SowGreen®?

Yes, in principle there is no problem with parking cars on SowGreen® The carpet fibres will simply lay flat under the weight of the vehicle. Once the car has moved away you may want to lift the pile again by simply brushing with a standard yard brush.

Can I have Sowgreen® in 4 metre widths?

Yes we are happy to supply Sowgreen in 4 metre widths. The only reason we normally send Sowgreen out in 2 metre widths is for ease of transporting and installing the carpet both for us and you. The finish achieved in both widths is just the same as no seams are visible after installation. Please just let us know if you require the carpet in 4 metres.