Prefer to fit SowGreen® yourself?

Buying SowGreen® to lay yourself couldn’t be easier. To work out the price, simply use the project planner to enter the details of how much SowGreen® you need. You can also buy online.

In fact, SowGreen® is as easy to lay as natural turf. Everything you need – weed membrane, SowGreen®, joining tape (if required) and specialist sand infill – will be delivered to your door. It’s be well wrapped and neatly palletised so you can leave it until you’re ready to install it, with no loose packaging lying around.

The beauty of SowGreen® artificial turf

It will usually take only a matter of hours to fit. To help you, you’ll also have:

7 easy steps to a beautiful garden

Step 1 – Turf removal

Step 2 – Ground preparation

Step 3 – Levelling

Step 4 – Weed prevention

Step 5 – Lay and cut

Step 6 – Sand dress

Step 7 – Then it’s ready for you to enjoy all year round!

Why not book a free garden survey?

Please feel free to arrange a no-obligation garden survey and our representative will measure the area for you so you know exactly how much you need. If you’re planning to lay it yourself and don’t want a garden survey, please use the project-planner to work out how much you need and you can then simply put the information into our buy-online calculator to get a price.

You can also download our fitting guide here. It demonstrates how you can achieve the perfect lawn in just 7 easy steps!

Arrange a free garden survey today. Call 0845 621 7000

PLEASE NOTE: For ease of installation and transport we cut SowGreen® into 2 metre widths, however we are happy to supply it in 4 metre widths if you prefer. The finish achieved in either width is just the same as no seams are visible after installation.