So many commercial enterprises are realising the major benefits of SowGreen® artificial grass.

From public houses and restaurants wanting to enhance their landscaping and/or reduce their maintenance costs, to amusement parks and stately homes needing a solution to keep their pathways open all year round.

As well as the tangible cost savings, there are the hidden benefits of SowGreen®…

Imagine how impressive your premises would look with perfectly manicured grass, or how good your products would look displayed on the perfect lawn. You only have one chance to make a first impression – don’t let your grass let you down.

col1bgAchieving a natural look.
Sowgreen® is perfect as a natural grass replacement in the commercial environment. High volume of footfall, bad aspects with regards natural sunlight and hard to maintain areas due to access all pose problems for natural grass. Fortunately none of these problems exist with Sowgreen®.

Sowgreen is manufactured under strict guidelines and comes with an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is constructed from duo tonal artificial grass (one dark and one lighter shade) which ensures it looks good whatever the season (summer or winter). In fact it looks so natural it can even be laid up to existing natural turf. So rather than replace a complete area you can choose to simply replace a high wear area such as a path or entrance way.

The construction of Sowgreen® allows the use of a specialist sand dressing which helps keep the fibres upright but also holds the carpet in place. Therefore because there in no need to use timber edging boards or stretch the carpet into place you can cut Sowgreen® into any shape you want including curves and even circles.

The polypropylene fibres are very hard wearing but also soft and non abrasive so are both child and pet friendly. They are fully UV stable so won’t fade in the sun…guaranteed,

As well being the perfect solution where natural grass is impractical, Sowgreen® can also be simply laid direct onto tarmac or concrete creating a wonderful green oasis. Wether this is to make use of an area which would otherwise be unutilised or to promote products Sowgreen® is the perfect choose.

col2bgSowgreen® has so many benefits and aplications from natural grass replacement to exhibitions and product display.
  • Cost-effective – no cutting, feeding or watering
  • Looks like real grass
  • Soft, textured surface
  • Quick and easy to install minimising disruption.
  • No bedding in period, can be used immediately.
  • Can be laid directly onto concrete, tarmac and decking.
  • Can be used all year round
  • Long Life Span
  • Multiple applications

col3bgafNationwide Coverage by in-house staff.

Whatever your project we will be happy to install Sowgreen® for you.

All works are carried out by our NVQ and CRB checked in-house staff so you can be sure of excellent service from start to finish.

We will always schedule the works to best suit your convenience and as far as possible try to meet any deadlines you may have. Having been involved in numerous openings and exhibitions we are very experienced in meeting tight timescales.

Normally Sowgreen® is installed by removing the existing turf and the base prepared with sharp sand or aggregate dependent on the drainage and consolidation of the existing area. This is then levelled and compacted before laying the Sowgreen® carpet.

Alternatively, Sowgreen® can be laid directly onto tarmac or concrete or any other hard standing area. Indeed you can even lay Sowgreen ® onto timber decking.

All our installations come with a 12 month workmanship guarantee and 8 year manufacturers warranty.

Ongoing upkeep of Sowgreen ® is very easy. Once installed there is very little you need to do on a day to day basis.

However to keep up the appearance we would recommend from time to time that leafs and other debris are removed from surface which can be done with a normal yard brush or blower.

Should you need to more thoroughly clean the surface due to a spill for example, Sowgreen® can also be hosed down the area and even use disinfectant if required, which will not harm the carpet

col4afA Cost Effective Solution

As well as the other benefits Sowgreen® offers, Sowgreen® is also a cost effective solution to landscaping problems due minimal maintenance requirements and long life span.

The initial supply and installation cost will vary dependant on a number of factors such as access, terrain, location and size of the project.

As a general guide Sowgreen® can be supplied and installed from as little as £25+vat per square metre if installed onto hard standing or decking for example or from £35+vat for grass replacement.

We can also supply Sowgreen® in kit form for self installation if required.

The most accurate way is to arrange a no obligation site survey. Our representative will measure the area and answer any questions you may have.

All our quotes are valid for 12 months to help you for budgetary purposes.