Sowgreen® is Childs Play.

As well as looking like natural grass we also wanted to ensure that Sowgreen ® could be enjoyed!

As Sowgreen ® is made from a non-abrasive polyethylene yarn it is soft whilst still be hard wearing. This means that you can have as much fun as you like without worrying about getting muddy!

As it is completely free draining areas will dry out quicker meaning you can get back out there and enjoy the grass.

Sowgreen ® is also perfect if you want to place climbing frames, aparatus or trampolines. As Sowgreen ® is partly sand dressed this helps to protect the backing of the carpet meaing that such items can be placed securely on the artificial grass with no worry about damage.

Sowgreen ® even acts as an impact absorbing surface. This can be further improved with addition of SowSafe pads meaning playtime is even safer!