Whether you’re looking for a beautiful lawn, want to make the most of your outdoor space or simply want to enhance your business premises or products, SowGreen® artificial grass is the perfect choice.  SowGreen® looks just like real grass. In fact, it looks so realistic you can even lay it up to existing grass and won’t be able to tell the difference.

Although it’s hard wearing SowGreen® is also supersoft, being both pet and child friendly, and comes with up to an  8 year manufacturing warranty. Our artificial carpets are made only using the most upto date technology and yarns and to strict ISO conditions meaning great quality time after time.

Our products range from an economical 32mm pile height through to a lush super soft 40mm. So whatever your requirements, if you’re looking to replace your natural grass area but want to keep the beauty of a natural-looking lawn, SowGreen® articicial grass is the perfect choice!