Choosing the right artificial grass can be somewhat overwhelming with hundreds of different styles and colours to choose from… at Sowgreen we make it easy.

At Sowgreen® we believe to help customers make that choose by taking the headache away.

Back in 2006 we were one of the few companies offering artificial grass and first launched our Sowgreen® brand at the prestigious Grand Designs exhibitions at both London and Birmingham to great accolade. It was designed to be a replacement lawn product. Therefore we wanted an artificial grass that wouldn’t look artificial. Customers could replace their old natural grass lawn with Sowgreen® with the reassurance it would look ‘true to life’.

As well as looking like natural grass Sowgreen® artificial grass is also ‘well designed’.

All Sowgreen® artificial grasses are made from a very soft polyethylene  multi tonal yarns and integral light brown polypropylene thatch for true realism They are also designed to be sand dressed for the following reason…

  • There is no need for timber edging boards.
  • Sand filled systems allow the artificial grass surface to settle with the natural ground movement.
  • Sand filled systems do not suffer from expansion and contraction due to hot weather like non-infilled which can create sagging and rippling.
  • Non-sand fill systems can encounter problems with static.
  • Damage is reduced as the carpet backing is protected.
  • The sand reduces vandalism as it is hard to cut and theft due to the shear weight of the sand.

Please note some companies may state that the sand will migrate from the carpet. This is not the case as only a fraction of the carpet is sand filled, trapping the sand into place.

With this in mind it is just a case of deciding which Sowgreen ® artificial grass is right for you.

Original (32mm)

This is our most economical artificial grass but don’t be fooled it is still as good as they get. With a diamond shape yarn, integral brown thatch and colour tones taken from our very first product our original artificial grass just got better. At 32mm it offers great value.

Traditional (36mm)

Slightly longer and incorporating the latest C-shaped yarn technology the Traditional comes in at 36mm. Again the trademark brown thatch is blended with 2 natural green tones for a great look. The C-shaped yarn allows for maximum recovery so is  agreat choice for active families or pet owners where your new artificial lawn will receive more footfall.

Classic (36mm)

Simliar in construction to the our Traditional the 36mm Classic incorporates the same C-shaped yarn technology, which give the grass maximum recovery properties. The only difference is the colour tones used which offer a more vibrant fresher look. An ideal choice for a shady garden or those wanting to make a statement.

D-Lux (40mm)

Finally our D-lux. If you’re looking for a soft artificial grass this is the one. Incorporating a diamond shaped 42mm yarn this is the longest artificial grass in the range. The extra length and yarn type make it super soft. The green tones are more subtle than our Classic and similar to our Traditional.